4​-​Way Split

by Repo Man

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4 Way Split with Ex-Breathers, Gorgeous, and For The Hell of It


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released July 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Repo Man Tallahassee, Florida


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Track Name: Ordinary Fuckin' People
The thing about conservative forces is that they don't do any work. They'll keep you spinning around in circles till you end up where you fucking start...fucking broke. It's not about the path that you take. That's not important. Get your facts right. That aside, let's talk about the money you haven't spent on the car and the gas. You didn't want to pay, so I'm here to take them back. It's not about the path that you take. It's not about the speed that you make when you're trying to get away. There's not enough fuel in the world for you to find somewhere to feel safe. You'll be like me, restless, everynight praying for sleep. No, I don't want to live like that.You keep spinning your pedals, but you're not going fast. The gears on your bike aren't set right, you fucking dumbass. I've been taking handfuls of sleeping pills, everynight, they don't work like they should and now I gotta find a way to get to bed on my own. Tonight, tomorrow, I really don't have any place to call my own where I can get some sleep.
Track Name: Radiation Man
The need for sleep, it's overrated. I get my energy from the skin of others. It soaks in, the radiation, you gotta burn it off if you want to eat. I know, I can't support this for long. The drugs are fleeting they will soon be gone. I won't know where to go but I can't stay here nothing grows. My body's taken way too much radiation and the water's turned black... So where to go? Life's not much better, anywhere, it's all the same. The world can do with a healthy green glow anyways and thats okay. I see a door, but I can't get behind it. I hear voices but I still feel blinded. There's no end and there's no way in.. and the sounds don't stop, they turn from screams to barks. Now, I can't take much more of this post apocalyptic bullshit.